Estromboli Hash CBD

Estromboli Hash CBD


Our Estromboli Hash is that must-have CBD resin among your cannabidiol products. Sourced from industrial hemp seeds, it is ready to offer the best to all your senses. 

It is also a cannabidiol resin with a high concentration of CBD that you can find in our catalogue. On the other hand, its effects are more beneficial than you think.

Enjoy its powerful, citrusy aroma with hints of lemon and intoxicating. 




What should you know about Estromboli Hash CBD?

Our CBD Estromboli Hash CBD resin is not yet as popular as it deserves to be, but at MediterraneanCBD we will put an end to that trend. First of all, we present you with a cannabidiol product with a high CBD percentage of 26%. As a result, you will be able to benefit from all the positive effects of this substance. 

While not directly a CBD flower, it is a specimen derived from industrial hemp seeds with the potential to produce resin. To this end, organic cultivation follows the regulations stipulated by the European Union, ensuring that the THC level is kept in check.

Broadly speaking, our CBD hashish is similar to the popular Pakistani CBD hashish. However, the main difference is that we do not offer THC or THC-containing products. 

Contrary to what many people think, this CBD resin or CBD hash is not combined with terpenes or other chemicals. Essentially, at MediterraneanCBD we take care to bring you an ecological, organic, safe and certified product. Therefore, all of its natural properties are preserved from the very beginning. 

Properties and characteristics of our CBD hashish

  • It is derived from Cannabis sativa (industrial hemp seeds). 
  • Intense, citric aroma, with hints of lemon and intoxicating. 
  • Compact and viscous CBD resin. 
  • Manual manicuring.
  • High CBD content: 26%.
  • Less than 0.2% THC
  • Greenhouse grown. 
  • 100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp strains from EU-certified seeds (Industrial Hemp).

How can you use Estromboli Hash CBD resin?

It goes without saying that neither CBD resins, CBD flowers nor any other cannabidiol product is prohibited for consumption. According to European legislation, their use is limited to aromatic forms. Therefore, from MediterraneanCBD we do not recommend any other way than those stipulated. 

CBD resin form

It is a top quality resin, a point that can be appreciated just by looking at it and touching it. It has a dark colour with an amorphous, dense and sticky appearance, reminiscent of the Pakistani hashish of a lifetime

Unlike other CBD resins, which are thinner, CBD hash can be put back together once separated. As such, this occurs because of its plasticity, which makes it super sticky, allowing it to be rejoined after it has been separated.

CBD resin aroma

CBD Hash has an intense aroma that can be reminiscent of Diesel or Charas. Additionally, it is infused with a slight lemony scent that can be reminiscent of Amnesia Haze or Pineapple Kush. There is no doubt that this is a delicious smell that will fill the entire room where you have it. 

In addition, it is worth noting that it generates a very dense white smoke that can resemble a haze. Although it may seem a bit random, it is actually something that CBD hashish users appreciate a lot, as it is reminiscent of "classic hashish".

All the beneficial effects of the CBD Estromboli Hash resin

CBD hash generates a relaxing and pleasurable effect. Overall, the high CBD content makes this product even more pleasant than many CBD flowers. At the same time, its concentration of cannabidiol helps to further enhance and prolong its properties in the body. 

If you're looking to release tension, take a break, or simply unwind over the weekend, this is the product for you. And you know what's even better? We have it available at MediterraneanCBD right now! Lucky for you. 

Finally, it is hard to find another similar product in the legal Cannabis sector. So don't hesitate and add this CBD resin to your next shopping cart.

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En 24h me llego el pedido, efectos aliviantes y relajantes de esta buenisima resina
By Carlos Just on 07/28/2022

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