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Our Formentera Strawberry is a CBD Flower that is grown in a glass greenhouse with light support - Indoor/Greenhouse.

Our FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD has all the characteristics you are looking for in a high-quality CBD flower. 

If we could summarize its great qualities , we would start with its fruity aroma, vibrant touches and enhanced subtle citrus additions. Besides:

  • High CBD content: 18 – 26%
  • Less than 0.2% THC
  • Grown in a greenhouse.



Things you should know before buying our CBD flower, Strawberry Formentera:

Formentera Strawberry is the latest exclusive variety of Mediterranean CBD  grown in a completely organic way , and the most innovative cultivation environments and techniques to obtain the best results when it comes to highlighting its olfactory and morphological properties at their maximum exponent.

Formentera  Strawberry is a new Mediterranean CBD variety  made from industrial hemp seeds certified by the European Union (Kompolti). Born from a  selection of Cherry Pie phenotypes :  Strawberry and Watermelon  were crossed to obtain this delicious fruit.

At MediterraneanCBD we know how difficult it is to find a unique variety of CBD flowers . Lucky for you, our FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD is a unique cannabidiol flower that we produce from industrial hemp seeds. And yes, all under strict regulation and certified by the European Union (Kompolti).

Buying CBD flowers from us, specifically our FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD, is synonymous with quality . Yes, it still comes from our detailed selection of Cherry Pie phenotypes. For this, Strawberry and Wamerlon were crossed, obtaining this striking, aromatic and fruity end result. 

Its processing, both in cleaning the CBD flower, as well as in drying and curing, is carried out with great care and under meticulous quality controls to preserve all the aromatic properties of hemp. From the seed to the final product, Mediterranean CBD guarantees the  highest quality and care in  the product, which we hope is also reflected in your experience with the Formentera strawberry .

Cultivation and processing 

It is not surprising that it is a unique variety of MediterraneanCBD since it is grown organically with excellent innovative techniques. In addition, when you buy CBD flowers from us, especially our FORMENTERA CBD Strawberry, you are guaranteed a product that preserves its aroma and morphological characteristics . 

On the other hand, the processing of all our CBD flowers, especially FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD, is divided into several steps: 

  • Flower cleaning CDD.
  • CBD flower drying.
  • Curado da flor CBD.

Emphasizing each one of them, from MediterraneanCBD we affirm the aromatic and morphological properties of the CBD flower . To do this, we use meticulous techniques by professionals specialized in healthcare performance. 

That way, we will only offer you a high quality and supremely preserved final product. As a result, your experience when buying CBD and our FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD will be like you have never lived before. 

How to use our CBD FORMENTERA Strawberry flower:

It is important to underline that when buying CBD flowers or any cannabidiol product, you are subject to Spanish regulations. These rules establish the way in which you can use or consume hemp flowers, the following being allowed:

CBD Strawberry flower aroma (Formentera)

Formentera Strawberry has an extraordinary aroma in terms of its fruity notes that remind us of strawberries with citrus notes, combined with hints of resin and incense, due to the  large amount of trichomes and  CBD resin.

You have probably never experienced an aroma as fruity and balanced as that of our CBD Strawberry flower. To do this, it is based on its high content of trichomes and CBD resin, especially. In detail, we can say that its essence is reminiscent of strawberry with subtle citrus notes and balanced with incense, which provides a unique fragrance.   

Flower shape CBD Formentera Strwberry

Its buds are round, dense and very large , which gives us an excellent product definition. An extraordinary combination of shape and aroma that will make all our senses vibrate when opening the Ninja Fruit bag.

Morphologically speaking, after buying our CBD flower, you will immediately notice that it is a differential product. On the one hand, its hemp buds have the right density, shape and size, being round and quite large. Without a doubt, it is a perfect combination between shape and aroma, which will make all your senses jump out in no time. 

Properties and characteristics of Formentera Strawberry CBD:

  • It comes from a cross between Strawberry Kush and Watermelon
  • Fruity, vibrant aroma with hints of citrus. 
  • Good flower density. 
  • Light green color and many crystals.
  • Large bud size.
  • Manicurado manual.
  • High CBD content: 18 – 26%
  • Less than 0.2% THC
  • Grown in a greenhouse. 
  • 100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties from EU certified seeds (Industrial hemp).

Important about the care and storage of our CBD Formentera flower:

After buying CBD flowers , it is essential that you worry as much as possible about their conservation to ensure that they do not lose their properties and that they last as long as possible in the best of states. To do this, once you have the buds in your hands, it is best to put them in a glass jar (if possible with a hermetic seal) and store them in a cupboard or in a cool, dark and dry place.

In MediterraneanCBD we advise you how to take care of your flower CBD FORMENTERA

The conservation of FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD will ensure its durability over time and will not lose its magical properties. When you buy the CBD flower and have its buds on hand, store them in a glass jar with an airtight lid. Then use a special case that will protect it from light, moisture and heat. Is not difficult!

And although it is not directly relevant, we also recommend that you visit our entire catalog of CBD flowers. Do not hesitate to try, in addition to our FORMENTERA Strawberry CBD, other great exclusive varieties that we have waiting for you. 

Content Percentage
CBD: 12% aprox.
Production Type
- 0,2%
3 Reviews

Muy buen producto
Precio y calidad cogidos de la mano. Si a eso le sumas rapidez en el envío, el resultado es inmejorable. Repito si o si
By Jose Gómez on 09/08/2022

Entrega rápida
Me ha llegado en menos de 24h, mi novio y yo nos lo hemos disfrutado como 2 adolescentes, vaya sabor!!
By Marta Ribes on 08/01/2022

Experiencia brutal
Producto 100% recomendable, aroma afrutada de flor cbd legal.
By Juan Gomez on 07/27/2022

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